Track your SMS Like Never Before !
Introducing Track SMS Plugin

Track SMS Plugin is an advanced plugin for your SMS account which enables you to track each and every SMS, providing you with detailed insights regarding how your customers are engaging with your SMS. It's a perfect tool to measure the reach and success of your SMS Campaigns.

  1. Clicks - Who clicked on your messages, how many clicks and details of URL clicked.
  2. Device Details - Your Customer's Mobile OS - Android, Windows, iPhone, Blackberry
  3. Browser Details - Which browser each mobile number is using
  4. Geo Location - Customer geo-location, Network & Circle

To know more about the Track SMS Plugin Download our Presentation Click Here To Download (3.0 MB)


Shorten/ Tiny URL : Shorten or tiny URL helps you to replace long URL's with short URL’s which saves your SMS Characters and cost

Extended Statistics : Get 360 degree graphical statistics to understand your customer engagement and behavior.

Custom URL : The major highlight of the plugin is its flexibility that allows you to add your own custom URL (eg: your company domain) by just updating your domain DNS record.

Push Back URL : Get the real time statistics posted back to your web server/software through Push URL function.

Auto Detect URL’s : Our platform automatically detects URL's in your message and convert them either into our default tiny URL or your Custom URL as configured, you also have the flexibility to skip URL’s to be tracked

Support API’s : You can track SMS even if you are sending SMS through our HTTP,XML API’s by simply passing additional parameters

  1. Know your customers like never before
  2. Know your customer mobile device details and customise offers
  3. Tiny URL Saves SMS Cost
  4. Measure ROI with comprehensive reports
  5. Lead Generation made much easier
  6. Generate Unlimited Custom URL’s
  7. Measure Success & Reach of your Campaigns
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